Hello.  We’re JC Monaghan and Warren Croft, and we’re Manchester based filmmaker/photographers.  We’re great at it (and modest too!), and we love it.

We shoot all sorts of stuff, short form, documentary, commercial, videos and stills and we have fun doing it.  Often times once people make it their job to do something they enjoy, they fall out of love with it.  Not us.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously (although we do wear serious faces if circumstances require it), and we try new things.

We like working with nice people, so if you’re nice and you need a film shooting for your company/charity/whatever, give us a shout!  Provided we’re not out filming in the Serengeti or something, we’ll get back to you within a few hours and we’ll work something out.

We work all around the country, and we’re good with all of the boring but important bits of logistics and permits and stuff, so wherever you’re based, we’re your guys.

We’ve a broad range of experience, from shooting commercial videos with dogs, to orchestrating live-action illusions on stage in front of a live audience, to shooting beautiful portraits.

Monaghan Media.

Creative Partners

We work with all sorts of different companies and people, but we must show particular respect to our good friends over at Smith Goodfellow Public Relations. They’re an award winning company who’re crazy passionate about what they do. We’ve worked with them many times now, and it’s always great fun.  If Public Relations is what you need, these are your guys.