The Milky Way

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There is one place in the United Kingdom which has been awarded a UNESCO Dark Skies certificate: Surprise View in the Peak District National Park.  Surprise View is beautiful during the day, but at night time the area comes alive with dozens of astronomers and astrophotographers trying to get the coveted “Milky Way Shot”.  My friend James and I joined them on the night of June 6th, and here is my favourite shot of the night:

The Milky Way

Click the image to see it full res JPG (12MB)

This was shot on my trusty Canon 7D with the Tokina 11-16mm/2.8 lens, an ISO of 4000, and a 30 second exposure.

I shot a whole bunch of photos that night and a few of my favourites are over on our Facebook page.

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One thought on “The Milky Way”

  1. joe says:

    absolutely stunning that picture of the milky way. I’ve heard of the peak District night sky and camped there once…


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